The Quietest Deaths

“Take me in your arms,” she whispered softly,

“and never let me go.”

She looked me in the eyes, exhaled

and wrapped her arms around me.

Slowly rocking, to and fro,

we drifted away.


I’m staring at the ocean

that bridges the gap

I’ll sail for the horizon

and set my sights

on golden coasts.

I’ll stay the course, full sails

through blue skies and storms

the sea is now my only home.

I’ve surely lost my way

somewhere in the vast expanse

stranded in the blue-green sea foam

the seagulls taunt me from above

they know the way but not the words.

I’ll never drop my anchor

I’ll never find the shore

I’ll wander endlessly

from sea to shining sea.

while searching for paradise

I fell in love with the ocean’s infinity.

I’ll overturn the ship

and drown myself in the silence

the quietest of deaths

for such a small non-existence.


She catches me staring,

A smile on her face.

She touches my cheek

And asks me quietly,

“What are you thinking about?”

I smile, but remain silent.

How could I ever explain

That I’ve died in her eyes

One hundred million times?


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