Tiny Star

Twinkle tiny brilliant star,

Oh how I love all that you are.

A ferocious fire burning bright

But from here just a speck of light.


Come, take my hand and follow me

Far beyond our infinity.

Slow dance with me on Mercury

We’ll cross the entire galaxy.


Run next to me on Saturn’s rings

Hear the love song that Neptune sings.

Kiss me softly, and then we’ll stay

Seventeen billion miles away.



We’ll bid the Milky Way farewell

And break out of our cosmic shell.

Much faster now, we’re flying free

Andromeda is calling me.


Nothing here is the same, it seems

It wasn’t like this in my dreams.

I’ll turn away and set my sights

On Earth’s far away pale white lights.


Twinkle my tiny, precious star

Oh how I’ll miss how true you are.

Now that I’m home it’s clear to see

That you’re the brightest star to me.


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