Amber Love

I miss you.

I miss you like a phantom limb,
As if a part of me is missing but
I can still feel its ghost.

I miss you like trees miss their leaves
In the depths of an unforgiving winter
Begging to be adorned in green.

I miss you as the sun misses the moon
As one must set for the other to rise
Never crossing paths, but aware.

Aware that you are here, that is.
For even when you drift out of sight
I feel your warmth, your presence
Through the wind and bitter frostbite.

I miss you when you’re right beside me;
Because you’re here but you’re not there
And I’m killing myself slowly, exhaling
Trying to breathe some life into your eyes.

My heart is filled with warm, golden amber
That I’m fighting to contain as it
Seeps through the cracks, fossilizing my insides.
Broken but brilliant, coated in gold
I’ll shine for you, I’ll shine for you.


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