in sepia tones, I lose my way
flecked with cashmere purples
and wide, courageous strokes of
bright fuschia pink, distracting
from the chaos of emerging stars.

stare into the sky, unencumbered
by the confines of your troubled mind
and when the sky erupts into civil twilight,
in all of its fiery majesty, you will
understand the beauty of the heavens
and the meaning of infinity.



sleep softly my dear

I’ll be here when you wake

slumber serves to show me

how I cherish how you are


ease your mind for just tonight

I’ll be your eyes and keep you safe

keep you close and keep you warm

I’ll keep you until the break of dawn


I feel the blissful atmosphere

the silence beckons me to sleep

the rhythm of your breathing

takes me to an endless place

forever sunshine

look at how she dances in the daylight

how she shines like a golden sunbeam

in the transparency of a newborn afternoon

her smile is a white picket fence that

contains the words I am dying to hear

the flowers she grows inside herself

blossom and thrive in her forever sunshine

Private Fireworks

My darling dearest, loving and true

The sun and the stars, they shine for you!

They are jewels that hang in the sky

Crafted to glow so gently in your eye.

Private fireworks, exploding in silence

Sparkling brightly minus the violence.

The moonlight caressing your bare skin

Illuminates the empty room we’re in.

It’s full of everything I thought I knew

But all I seem to be able to see is you.

a lasting love.

a boisterous thunderstorm is raging and

we’re cuddling with the dog and watching

a movie about football and getting better

and the thunder is loud but the sound of

your tempered heartbeat is louder and

even though I can’t read your mind I know

that you’re thinking that our love is like

a well-written film full of laughter and

happy accidents and maybe a bit of sex

because we live the purest happiness that

I have ever had the privilege of living and

maybe just maybe it’s meant to last and

maybe, maybe that’s the whole point of

living is to create something that lasts in

a world where nothing lasts except for

embarrassing photos on the internet and

a constant onslaught of bad news since

one day we’ll die and we’ll be dead and

they’ll bury us in the ground because we

will feed the trees and one day feel the

warmth of the sun on the leaves and

even though we’re dead and we won’t be

able to see or speak to each other I would

like to think that our love will fill that tree

and it will live as long as this life allows.