How far away does August seem
From January’s bleak embrace?
Those neverending nights and life
That moves much faster in the light
Feel distant like a foreign war
A world that I have never seen.
Yet every year when it returns
I welcome it with open arms.
My heart concedes defeat and lets
The sun in to defrost its veins
Despite the fact that it knows well
It cannot keep its pleasant warmth.


Fortress by the Sea

A fortress that stands by the sea
Long since unfit to defend against
Anything but the shorebirds and the tide
That laps at its moss-covered stones.
When something is built to stand
Through cannonballs and siren calls
How clumsy and careless is it to construct it
On something as fickle as sand?


Was I the one you loved in private

Kept a secret from your fragile world?

Paramorous, powerless and unaware

Yet so consumed by your longing stare.

Reminiscent of a perfect crime, in you

I hear the echos, the hollow whispers

Of the flawless forever that I once held

In the palm of my hand.

inhale, exhale

my perennial joy, my rhodendrons in july
it’s effortless now, I nearly drowned
but you were air to desperate lungs
begging, pleading to be filled again
inhale, exhale; (inhale, exhale)
I breathe you in, again and again
for you’re the ink that fills my pen
and all these words cannot express
how much I adore you, simply
always more, never less.


​Blessed with a cloud of heartless irony, I have been

For once again I am pulled apart, ineffably

By the tempests that roar in silent unison.

Those speechless monsoons, with love and devotion

Eliminate the droughts and doubts

That left my riverbeds parched and delirious.

Open the floodgates, extinguish the flames

And remind me what the quenching of an endless thirst feels like.

I haven’t disappeared!

Hey everyone,

This is just a little heads up that I haven’t died. I’ve taken a small break from writing to focus on other projects, notably my music. My band Emborne Drive is currently writing and recording a record and playing shows, so I haven’t had much time or focus to put the pen onto paper. But I promise there will be more poetry and stories coming shortly, just sit tight! Thank you all for your patience and support.