Saint Mathias

when planes look like shooting stars

leaving streaks across the fading sky

and the night is just a newborn still

it’s young like us, its purple skin

a luminous backdrop to yet another

summer night I won’t forget

with fuschia clouds like candy floss

and willow trees with arms that graze

the surface of the water just to see

if Saint Mathias speaks to me



‚Äč”but life is such an ephemeral thing, isn’t it?”

it’s the most transient, fleeting thing there is, I reply
but I punish the words as they unravel from my mouth
my disobedient children, pull me astray
and deceive from what I try to say
that life is not insignificant; no,
it’s the most enduring thing that I know
the question lies in whether I know for sure
that I know much of anything anymore

for aren’t we all just raindrops to a fire?
we are not life, merely passing intruders
and we’ll evaporate before we get there
because we are so thirsty for the flames

a vivid daydream

blurry eyed and barely conscious

lost within the newborn daylight

dreams that only recently dissolved

leave their imprints on my mind

like footsteps on a sandy shore

they’ll wash away in time because

the tide will rise and swallow whole

my castles that were built too close

and leave behind an empty canvas

I can’t quite paint symmetrically

or let my brightest colours flow

but when I wake my hands won’t shake

and I will compose a vivid daydream

Nearly Lost, Never Found

When maps might lead you far away

Tear them up and make your way

Towards a better, brighter day

A light that won’t lead you astray.

When your compass can’t find north

Try your best to summon forth

The courage to be nearly lost

And never found, at any cost.

When everything you know is wrong

Clear your mind, remaining strong

Learn again, although it’s long

And sing out satisfaction’s song.

Burn Out

Light the flame, curse my name

Tell me it could be the same

Try your best to hide the shame

Let me take all of the blame.
I thought I knew you…
I thought that I could shelter you.

Reduced to rubble, now I see

That you were- I thought- home to me.
I’ll flicker until I burn out like you wanted.
Just let go, let go!

I think to myself most every night.

But you’re a fire I can’t put out.

I pray you’ll find your satisfaction

In my ashes, scattered on the breeze.


the sound of thunder rolling in
an ominous warning that
the sky is upset, throwing a fit
taking its anger out on the ground

you can hear the clouds break
and release their heavy load
as rain starts pouring in sheets
like tears from an injured child

the first flash of lightning
strikes the ground, leaving burns
that spread out like a web
leaving ugly black scars

the vicious, incessant thunder
cracking like a bull whip
asserts its dominance over
everything in earshot

some people are like thunderstorms.