Winter, Part I

Stark white, flecked with green
As stunning as my eyes have seen.
How pessimistic I had been
To think that I could leave this scene.

It resonates through every word
The one’s I’ve spoken, those I’ve heard.
I feel it bite my fingertips
And linger on my shattered lips.

The naked trees that bare their skin
To show us how foolish we’ve been.
We always get so wrapped up in
The warmth of life, in summer’s sin.

Along the way we lost our touch
For loving how the cold is such
A gentle kiss, it isn’t much
That wanders far from nature’s clutch.


quiet thought

it’s quiet here.
the buzzing sound and periodic explosions
have subsided, giving way to
the gentle crashing of waves against concrete
and a cool breeze blowing through the trees.
on a clear day, the horizon gleams brightly
staring back at me as I have done to it
every night since the cold dissipated.
nothing stirs, nothing hurts anymore.
am I just numb to the tidal waves?
or have my demons finally gone away?

fever dreams

eloquent misdirections, tender lies
her roses left thorns in all my fever dreams
and I smell them still once I wake up.

she is the cheshire cat that smiles in the darkness
and the vice that is clamped on my spine
tightening my rib cage into a casket.

she follows me through the hallways of my thoughts
locking every door that I managed to close
my short-lived escapes, I always plead for release.

I have wrung my hands and broken bones
banging on the bathroom wall until
the tiles crack and fall into the bathtub.

a knock at the door, a towel around my shoulders
she whispers word that I can’t hear
or can’t bear to entertain, like unwelcome guests.

paralyzed by guilt, silenced by anger
her crocodile tears are enough to drown my doubts
but not enough to put out my fiery devotion.

I almost wish they could’ve swallowed me whole.

when she loves.

when she loves, she loves ferociously
unabashedly, unequivocally
and with all she has to give
she is the song that gets stuck in your head
and the book that you can’t put down.

when she loves, she loves wholeheartedly
like a rescue dog that follows you home
her lingering eyes speak volumes in silence
her wandering hands hold passion in spades
she has a diamond heart that has no price

when she loves, she loves unconditionally
with tender words and gentle lips
she grazes just the tip of your tongue
and holds you up to show the world
just how important you are to her

and believe you me, when she tells you she loves you
she means it, more than you will ever know.


{are there serpents in your heart?}
{do they whisper to you, seethingly}
{venom is the only love you have?}

I had never known a love so consuming

that could envelop me in bliss, in ecstasy

and I had never known a knife so sharp

as the one concealed behind your tongue

{sink your fangs in, numb my heart}
{then swallow me whole, eat me alive}

I owe you nothing but my wounded back

and you owe me nothing but another lie

the only one I ever wanted to hear, and now

the paperweight that rattles in my rib cage

{I still love you, and I always will}
I hear them hissing on every word}