Effortless Simplicities

Compose a symphony with your laughter

And paint a masterpiece with your eyes.

I’ve seen you create awesome somethings

Where no sound could reverberate and

No colour could ever find its canvas.

I’ve found the most intricate genius

And the most complex satisfaction

In your most effortless simplicities.


Looking for Assistance!

Hey everyone,

Some of you may have been following my blog for the past year or so, and I appreciate it tremendously. That being said, I’m still pretty incompetent when it comes to the blogging format and I would like to reach more people. I’m asking for tips and tricks to help spread my writing to the people who might appreciate it. Any help would be tremendous. Thank you much for your continued support.



true love doesn’t end in loud noises
it doesn’t explode like fireworks or implode like dying stars
no, it ends in hushed whispers in dark rooms
with silence ringing out in two sets of ears
where a pin drop is a nuclear detonation

true love doesn’t end in violence
but in devotion stretched to its limits
in hands clutched tight in the face of death
defiant in defeat, humbled in its failure
and ultimately, hearts finally breaking for the right reasons.