Castle in the Valley

She is a plume of smoke with no flame;
A song with no discernable chorus.
She looks at me but doesn’t see
Just how much I adore the way
Her eyes turn a different shade of green
When she laughs too hard to speak.

She holds onto my heart so gingerly
That I can only barely feel the grasp
Until she’s out of reach, and then
It feels like a vice, tightening slowly.
By my own hand, my chest caves in.

These thoughts that I have cultivated
Are seeds from which my longing grows.
Her arms are both the sun and rain
That I have welcomed ever since
I left the droughts of January behind
To build my castle in the valley.


ashes to ashes

like statues and ancient oaks, we’ll weather the storm
standing defiant against the trials of time
and hand in hand we’ll stroll towards the darkness
with decades of devotion to shelter our hearts
and countless milennia of love to sustain us

we are infinite- born in the stomachs of ten thousand stars
and we live to die and evaporate once more
we are everything and nothing and a little bit something
eternally perplexed by our own paradoxical existence
created in limitless space then confined to limited space
born in the sky then tethered to the ground
so we look to the stars as the birds watch the clouds
we are homesick and yet don’t know where home can be found

so the closest we come is by finding Valhalla
in the ones who were formed in the same constellations
we make love in the places where galaxies meet
and collide like the atoms in the core of the sun
like ashes to ashes, forever as one

Forget Me

I hope that when
You love again
You’ll do it right.

That you fall hard
And fall in place
Forget my face.

Forget my voice
Forget my smile
After a while.

When you left me
You left behind
A tired mind.

But what I found
Reminded me
What love can be.

It’s summer nights
And rainy days
Eight million ways.

So take your time
It’s still too soon
An open wound.

But time will heal
And you will feel
Alive again.