Glass Castles (Epilogue)

Hello everyone.

This is the rough draft of the epilogue for a fiction piece I’ve been working on for a little over two years. It’s called Glass Castles. I wanted to get some feedback on what I hope is a proper ending. I hope it speaks to you. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments. Thanks again.

​I had it strung up all together; the Abigayle Stone in the middle, with all of the little glass shards streaming down around it like a wind chime. It actually made a nice sound when the pieces swayed into each other, just the faintest sound of glass clinking together. My mom thought it was beautiful, almost as much as I did. If only I could bring myself to tell her the whole story, then maybe she could see what I did. Maybe one day I’ll tell her, I thought to myself.

I went up to my old room to find that it had been cleaned up, to no surprise of my own. My mom had put away all of the things I had left strewn across the floor and the desk; now it was very neat and clean, something it had never been while I occupied the space. It still felt like home though, it still held that warmth and that feeling of comfort.

It was late in the afternoon and the sun was beginning to set. I could see the shafts of sunlight cutting through the trees and shining through the porthole window that once overlooked my bed. It was the same window that had shone the light through the castle the first time, the day Abigayle and I first kissed. It was here, in this cramped attic, that we could expel the darkness and dance in the sunlight. I fell in love with her here, lying on the floor for hours just talking about anything. I figured there was no better place for her to be.

I screwed the hook into the ceiling right in front of the porthole, then hung the Abigayle Stone on it. Immediately, the stone and the glass fragments became awash in the waning daylight and shot beautiful colours all around the room. It was just like the first time, but now I was a different person. I had seen so much since that cold November day, it was hard to imagine myself at that point being able to understand the significance of what was happening right now. I knew now that the dancing dots of colour on the walls was due to the white light from the sun passing through the stone and the glass and the science of it all, and I knew that white was Abigayle’s favourite colour simply because it was the manifestation of all colours and I thought that was so fascinating. 

My life was so drastically different now that it almost felt like another world, a parallel universe that I had somehow drifted into.  So much had happened that I hardly recognized myself anymore. Ironically, the only thing that hadn’t changed was how consumed by love I was- despite the fact that the vase that once held my flowers had shattered and now danced in front of my eyes in pieces. I felt the tears come up and overflow as they always did, felt the shiver down my back as I always did. It was always the same when I thought of her for too long, but this time it felt entirely different. Not because I wasn’t sad or angry or anything, because I still very much felt those things, but this time I could see that she was shining a light for everyone to see. She was beautiful- not just to myself, but to everyone- and I decided that she would’ve thought so too. 


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