white lilacs

white lilacs smell so sweet in the evening
on a long walk home in the dark all alone
and I live for these nights that slowly expand
to fill my eyes full of summer stars but
they always will remind me of falling in love
because her father was a florist and he died too young
so now she paints roses on her skin because
she misses how her house was once full of flowers
because the care he put into his orchids spilled over
he watered her daily, until he could do no more
yet she blossomed so beautifully and quietly into
the rose bush that weaves along the insides of my rib cage
and it’s such a beautiful sight to see but I still
feel the thorns cut at the lungs in my chest when
I sing all the sad songs that once helped me breathe
but she smells so sweet on these quiet May evenings
just like the white lilacs in bloom, caressing the streets
in much the same way I’m caressing her cheek
and I still feel the thorns leaving scars in my heartbeat
she’s the arrhythmia killing me slowly if only
because I’d much rather die with her flowers inside me
than watch them wither away in a vase that won’t keep her happy

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